Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Games Begin!

Gregory Straub, Secretary of House of Deputies,
calling Convention to order Weds.
Note the jacket honoring the Indianapolis 500.
Spent morning registering, collecting giant 4-inch binder of agenda materials, and touring exhibit hall.  The hall is filled with great exhibits and vendors:  lots of resource agencies for everything from stewardship to youth programming, lots of Episcopal church related agencies like the Church Foundation and Episcopal Services Corps (more about that later), and also "stuff" for sale such as religious art, jewelry, vestments, books, etc., etc.  

Spent afternoon at my desk in my hotel room.  The evening began with an important meeting of our Synod.  The Synod is the cluster of dioceses throughout the western states, and Guam.  The primary purpose is to collaborate on ministry.  New officer were elected for the next 3 years:  our own Bishop Mathes was elected President! 

 About 9:30, the entire deputation met in the Bishop's hotel room which serves as the team's hospitality suite.  Our tradition to to check in with everyone, share some end of day junk food and a glass of wine, and compare notes on the happenings of various committees and meetings, and prep for the next day - who will cover what, etc?   Tomorrow will be the first big all-convention meeting.  

Let the games begin!  Thanks everybody, for sending me!

--Suzanne Foucault

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