Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego Makes its Mark at GC

The Diocese of San Diego made its mark on the 77th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Carroll Levien, St. Dunstan's, San Diego, received the Distinguished Woman Award from Episcopal Church Women for outstanding work in our diocese.

Polly Getz, St. Bartholomew's, Poway, served as the parliamentarian for the sixth consecutive General Convention. She was elected to the nominating committee for the next presiding bishop.

Bishop Mathes participated in the work of the Program, Budget and Finance Committee. In his blog post, he calls it "an exercise in the stewardship of community...holy work." The 2012-15 budget is balanced and reflects a $30,000 surplus. The bishops approved a 19% diocesan asking for the Church, which will drop to 15% in 2015. Article from Episcopal News Service.

Bishop Mathes was elected president of Province VIII, which entails chairing provincial collaboration and resource-sharing. He will organize our province as a regional branch of the Episcopal Church.

Jacqueline Bray, St. Paul's Cathedral, San Diego, received wide recognition for the video she produced with Agape House, the campus ministry at San Diego State University. The video won first place in a video contest and was shown to the entire convention.

Father Andrew Green, St. Paul, Palm Springs, served on the Committee on Structure which produced Resolution C059 regarding re-imagining the Episcopal Church in time for the next General Convention in Salt Lake City in 2015. This resolution envisions a creative task force released to have conversations with the church and make concrete proposals. It passed both houses of the Episcopal legislature unanimously. Andrew was a part of the sub-committee which drafted the resolution.

Father Paul Carmona, St. Mark's, City Heights was a member of the Prayer Book, Liturgy and Church Music Committee and helped draft Resolution A049, which authorized the resources for same-sex blessings. They also created a Service at the Loss of a Beloved Animal. Father Carmona served on the steering committee for the Deputies of Color, and was a liaison to the Latino Caucus.

The Rev. Canon Allisyn Thomas, St. Paul's Cathedral, served as chair of our deputation, and as secretary of the Constitution Committee, and the Rev. Michael Russell served on the National and International Concerns Committee.

Thanks to all our deputies for their hard work and dedication to our Episcopal Church!

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