Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bishop's Update: Approximately Right

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity at the General Convention. Both Houses passed a resolution providing a service for same sex blessing. My committee, Program, Budget, and Finance presented the proposed budget to a joint session of the General Convention (both houses meeting at the same time and place). We passed resolutions that neither turned down the Anglican Covenant nor accepted it, but rather committed to our Communion relationships and the continued conversation. Before us today are important conversations about restructuring.

In earlier reflections, I have suggested that our work is the stewardship of community and being a community of prophets. The contours of these seminal actions over the last couple days are fleshing out these themes of action and identity. As someone once said to me, “You cannot be perfectly right. And so it is better to be approximately right rather than perfectly wrong.” I think the Episcopal Church at this General Convention is getting it approximately right, and I am immensely proud.

Finally, I want to also note that our deputy, Polly Getz, is on the ballot today for vice president of the House of Deputies. It is a courageous and graceful thing to put your name forward in this way. Polly has gently made herself vulnerable in this holy work of leadership discernment. Well done, Polly.

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