Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bishop Mathes on the Marks of Mission Budget

Things got rolling today. My committee, Program Budget and Finance, was organized this morning and made a critical decision to not use the budget submitted to us by the Executive Council as the foundation of our work. Rather we are going to use a budget that was subsequently developed, which we are calling the Five Marks of Mission Budget. The Episcopal News Service story is linked here: Alternative ‘template’ will guide budget work at General Convention . I am pleased with this decision. While the final budget will surely look different, our starting place has items previously and unintentionally omitted, is balanced, and corrects some incorrect assumptions about income and debt service.

Gregory Straub, secretary of the General 
Convention, sporting his Indianapolis jacket.
In anticipation of the first day of official business tomorrow, bishops and deputies gathered to hear words of welcome from the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies, after which both Houses met separately for orientation.  Our San Diego deputation has front row seating.  My table in the House of Bishops is in the back…hmmm.  I am off to an evening working session of Program Budget and Finance.  Stay tuned.

--Bishop Mathes

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