Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet the Deputies, Part 3

San Diego is represented at GC2012 by our Bishop, and our Deputies, 4 each from the clergy and the laity. We asked the members of the delegation to tell us a little about themselves and to finish the following sentence: "My hope for GC2012 is...." .  We'll be sharing the responses with you over the week.  Here's group 3:

Jacqueline Bray is the Campus Ministry Assistant at the Agape House, the Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry at San Diego State.

 This General Convention, I hope that we can be reminded of the importance of ministry to others. To fearlessly love all peoples in the church would greatly benefit us in creating a sustainable church.

The Rev. Michael Russell, Rector, All Souls Point Loma

My wish for GC 2012: that we will be nimble and adaptive in moving our Church into the future.

Pauline Getz is an attorney and entrepreneur.   She has also been Vice Chancellor to the Bishop of the diocese for twenty years. She is also standing for election as Vice President of the House of Deputies.

My biggest hope for GC2012 is that we discovera new way of doing so many things. We cannot do what we have always done and try to figure out how to do it with less money. We need to discern what our mission truly is and how best to strive to fulfill it and live into it. We need to find the courage to step out and try. And we need to strive to be the kind of people we keep telling others they should be. 

Dick Goodlake is a Retired Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Marine Corps and Senior System Engineer, Hughes Aircraft Company. First Vice President of the Diocesan Council in 2011.

My hope for GC2012: To be ready to serve where needed as an Alternate, returning better equipped to support our great Diocese.

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